GBS offers a series of products to publishers, to interact at various levels with their existing sales processes, targeting different, defined groups of customers. These are designed to fill a gap in the market and fulfil the need for a cost effective form of communication, whereby publishers can pro-actively influence micro buying decisions across an increasingly diverse market.

  • Provide focus and support for field sales.
  • Release accounts that are not cost effective.
  • Support accounts not being called on.
  • Increase overall sales.
Products — Call Types
  • Specific product sale — new titles or back list.
  • Specific range/brand sale.
  • Outbound ‘warm’ order taking.
  • Cold call speculative.
  • Non-sale activity, e.g. surveys, data collection, etc.
  • GBS account cleansing/re-activation.
Publisher Interaction
  • Supporting rep teams amongst their existing call base.
  • Supporting rep teams, particularly those with limited resource, i.e. smaller outlets, geographically difficult areas, etc.
  • Acting as a ‘virtual’ rep team, where none exists.
  • Establishing contacts and increasing profile of publishers outside of primary book sellers.
GBS Solution
GBS has put together a series of ‘packages’ designed to offer a flexible solution to all publishers, allowing for size, nature of product and market, and their current use of sales channels and rep forces. Charging is based on a set fee per period, with predefined targets and service level agreements for all areas of the operation, such as contact rate, actual sales, margin — where applicable and completion of required work volume.

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