The SeeView Advantage

Using the latest .Net technology from Microsoft, GBS has developed a tailor-made application in collaboration with the Random House Group and its 3rd party publishers. SeeView provides web-based access to customer enquiry and sales analysis data within Vista, allowing straightforward access from any location through the internet in a password protected secure environment.

The enquiries are written in ‘plain English’ and presented as easy to follow web pages, in a read only format. The application design provides familiar, user-friendly navigation around the data screens.

In addition, the data is presented with multiple filters, allowing the user to quickly drill down to the information required and with the data field sort buttons to aid access and sorting. The information can be downloaded to Excel from the web screens, to enable the building of simple reports.

Clients can specify how each user is set up to enable or disable access to each enquiry screen.

  • Available 24/7 via internet
  • Requires no prior knowledge of Vista
  • Easy look and feel to screen layouts
  • Screens designed to maximise the amount of data displayed
  • Option to download CSV data to Excel from the web screens
  • Enables the building of simple reports through filters
  • User-friendly navigation around the data screens (tab and click buttons)
  • Multiple filters allow data drill down as required
  • Column header sort buttons
  • Integrated ‘help’ at button and screen level
  • Individual user access privileges
  • Designed through collaboration with RHG and 3rd party publishers
  • Title and customer enquiries
  • Analysis enquiries added in latest version 

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